All About Atari’s Tempest Game

The Tempest arcade game was first designed by Atari Inc. in 1981. The game was played on a 3D surface wrapped in a tube. It was among the first games that Atari created in Quadra scan vector display technology and was the first full-color video game that was ever designed.


The Tempest game was a very new technology that fascinated a lot of people in the 80s. People would play it for hours and wonder why they have dizziness and nausea symptoms during the day. The design is one that even other video games have not been able to match up to. The game has a feature (the skill step) that allows players to choose the level they start with. The level increases as the person playing keep improving their performance. The early tempest game had a progressive level design which was uncommon at the time. Each game stage varied and had different layouts. Also as the level increases the difficulty increases.


Tempest has had a huge achievement so far. The game enhances the senses and leaves players addicted. The glowing vector monitor will keep your attention so you can keep playing for a long time. Till date, people still play the original version of the Tempest arcade game.


There is an active list of players that have topped the world’s records on Tempest. Atari started by releasing 136 different machines under Atari’s Trade name in 1972. Aside from the Tempest, he also designed other machines like Tempest Tubes, Missile Command, Maze Invaders, Triangle, Pipeline, Red Baron, Neutron Star, Monte Carlo and Alien Space.


Tempest arcade game allows a maximum of two players. The vector monitor comes in a 19 inches display screen. The cabinets come in three styles upright, cocktail and cabaret styles.


He released the Tempest 2600 in 1983 but it didn’t do as well as the original Tempest. Atari recently announced that there would be a tempest 4000. The game promises to give so much more to players but a date has not be announced for its release. An official webpage has been published indicating that the game should be expected in spring 2018. It does not, however, stipulate the exact date it would be released.


The Tempest 4000 is a shooter arcade game that is based on the original Tempest game. It has been designed by Jeff Minter who has made sure to follow the original features of the game. The game is to include a powerful spacecraft meant to destroy creatures and as well as other obstructions. Jeff Minter earlier released the Tempest 2000 (Jaguar) which has gained a lot of success and popularity in the market.


Fans look forward to an exciting and thrilling game with the joint efforts of both Jeff Minter and Atari. The game is expected to come in 100 levels and different sceneries with excellent graphics features. Players will have the option to compete for the highest score on leaderboards.


The price of the Tempest 4000 has not been announced yet but there is a likelihood that it may just be around the price of $19.99 or more. Unlike the original cabinet arcade game, the Tempest 4000 will be played on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices.